Y O U  T  H


At Grainery Youth, our aim is to empower young people (Aged 12-18) to live lives of significance and purpose. We also have a lot of fun! We believe that every person, no matter their age, is gifted and called to bring the light of Christ into the world. We desire Grainery Youth to be a platform for young people to discover their call and be involved in sharing the greatest love ever known. 



Friday nights are an amazing time that involves hanging out, seriously rad youth games, music and so much more. Every Friday is different and exciting as we come together to hear awesome people sharing from the bible! Come along, bring your friends and meet new ones. These nights are where we want people to connect, and the invite is totally open.



Our ministry does not exist without of our incredible Church. On Sundays, The Grainery Church meets for three Celebrations, two in the morning and one in the evening. Our youth program happens alongside our 10am celebration to provide a message for young people, relevant to where they are in life. Be there and be blessed!



Connect groups are where the real stuff happens! We don't want to just be surface friends, we want to really do life together and have heaps of fun! Your connect groups are like your family! You get to hang out, share deeply, talk about anything and get up to some amazing times together! 


What's Coming Up?