FRIDAY NIGHTS - 6.45pm tighes hill campus

At Grainery Youth, our aim is to empower young people (Aged 12-18) to live lives of significance and purpose. We also have a lot of fun! Friday nights are an amazing time that involves hanging out, seriously rad youth games, music and so much more. Every Friday is different and exciting as we come together to hear awesome people sharing from the bible! Come along, bring your friends and meet new ones. These nights are where we want people to connect, and the invite is totally open.


SUNDAZE - 10am waratah campus

Our ministry does not exist without of our incredible Church. On Sundays, The Grainery Church meets for three Celebrations, two in the morning and one in the evening. Our youth program happens alongside our 10am celebration to provide a message for young people, relevant to where they are in life. Be there and be blessed!


CONNECT GROUPS - ask our youth leaders

Connect groups are where the real stuff happens! These groups form the core of The Grainery, playing a large part in connecting people within the church and building community. We don't want to just be surface friends, we want to really do life together and have heaps of fun! Your connect groups are like your family! You get to hang out, share deeply, talk about anything and get up to some amazing times together! Grainery Youth has connect groups for each age level, led my teams of leaders for specific age groups. Contact one of our amazing leaders to find out more, and we will get you connected in!




Upcoming Events


Check out what's happening this term here!

21st july - only jesus | with caleb irwin & special guest tim kidney

28th july - practical prayer | with pastor sue irwin

4th august - knowing jesus | juniors with ryan zweygartt & seniors with andy burgess

11th august - why jesus? | with theo rule

18th august - united we stand | hunter youth alive's combined youth event, Tickets $10

25th august - jesus: mystery to clarity | with josh irwin

1st september - spring fling | annual youth ball, Tickets $10

8th september - guys @ mens conference | with international guest SPEAKER john mark comer

                         - girls 'game on' | howzat indoor sports

15th september - jesus: the truth | juniors with rach meguyer & seniors with DR STEPHEN FYSON

22nd september - pre camp party | with andy burgess